Mountain Man Herbs

Water Is The Most Consumed Beverage In The World,

Tea Is The Second. 

Mountain Man Herbs Is NOT liable for any negative reactions from use of the herbs and teas sold please consult your nutritionist or dietician about herbs you are interested in taking. I feel Eastern and estern medicine should be combined together to heal all aspects and balance the body I am not a doctor, I am Not a licensed medical professional. The information provide on this site comes from an assortment of resources both books personal experience and medical websites. The herb and teas may often be referred as having potential in helping id the body in health and healing. This does not mean that it will help it means that its been reported to have had positive influence or to help aid in the assorted ailments and areas of health. these categories on this website are created to help, to view the information.

It seems with the massive movement for Organic healthier eating that there would be a push for organic healthier medicine. However the Food And Drug Administration that Herbs are considered food or food additives and not medicine,  I have provided the Reported herbal and medicinal uses the compounds, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 


Specializing in All Organic Loose Herbal Tea's, Tonics , Tinctures and More