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Water Is The Most Consumed Beverage In The World,

Tea Is The Second. 

Mountain Man Herbs Is NOT liable for any negative reactions from use of the herbs and teas sold please consult your nutritionist or dietician about herbs you are interested in taking. I feel Eastern and Western medicine should be combined together to help heal all aspects and balance the body, mind and soul. I am not a doctor, I am Not a licensed medical professional. The information provide on this site comes from an assortment of resources both books personal experience and medical websites. The herb and teas may often be referred as having potential in helping the body in health and healing. This does not mean that it will help it means that its been reported to have had positive influence or to help aid in the assorted ailments and areas of health. these categories on this website are created to help make viewing the information easily. this information is for educational use only please.  many of these herbs are native to exotic places around the world, Please use caution when trying any new herb or herbal blend especially if you already know your allergic to anything.

It seems with the massive movement for Organic healthier eating that there would be a push for organic healthier medicine. However the Food And Drug Administration that Herbs are considered food or food additives and not medicine,  I have provided the Reported herbal and medicinal uses the compounds, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 


Specializing in All Organic Loose Herbal Tea's, Tonics , Potions, Elixer's, Brews and More 

What Is Tea?

Tea can be prepared from single herbs or mixtures of herbs. teas for acute conditions are frequently brewed with 1-3 herbs. teas for chronic conditions and traditional Chinese medicine ae almost always a mixture of several herb, of all forms in which herbs may be used teas generally have the gentlest and slowest effects on the body. The degree to which the active constitutes of the herbs used to make each tea is rather unpredictable,  It is for this reason the best way to describe the results from Drinking a cup of tea is to Simply drink and wait and see. Because tea is such a gentle use of herb mixtures they are often the safest. however the tea found on Mountain Man Herbs are made from herbs from around the world many of which are rare and exotic which means it is less likely that an individual will know if they are allergic to an herb if they've never come in contact with it before  

Mountain Man Herbs is a small all Organic non GMO Herbal Tea Business with a big Goal. We Focus on an immense  variety of herbs from around the world. Our inspiration and research is based on the primary variables that allowed assorted societies and civilizations through out history to enable a  positive influential change an advanced evolutionary Survival as well as the ability to thrive and better the individuals over all quality of life. We  research the herbs that allow an  optimized performance of the human body. we focus on many varieties that effect the average rate and performance  to increase the ability to heal adapt and better the quality of life. We believe food should be medicine and medicine be your food or in this case your beverage. Almost all medications are originally derived from plants, On this site we have provided information about the possible potential uses of each herb with a brief history of the herb and how to prepare it. We are NOT Doctors Please consult a medical professional about the use of tea or a tea regimens especially if you are on any medications.  We carry over 150 varieties of herbs which create an almost limitless combination of herbal teas for both internal and external use. many of these herbs were originally used as spices for cooking. Many of these herbs are very rare and exotic and because of this  some individuals may have an allergic reaction to any of these herbs if an allergic reaction occurs stop the use of tea and contact your medical professional

Here are an Assortment of herbs Grown Organically By Mountain Man Herbs this past seasons