One of the most well known teas, has a bold  more bitter flavor high in anti oxidants and has the highest level of caffeine. it is also the highest in tannic acid giving it the dark color when brewed   

Green Tea

Green tea comes from the Camelia Sinesis tree where the leaves are harvest and dried. unlike black tea the leaves are not fully fermented some are completely un-fermented and are extremely high in anti oxidants and have moderate caffeine, less then Black Tea

Herbal tea simply refers to tea that is normally caffeine free and either a single or a mixture of multiple herbs to reveal a distinctive flavor or effect.

Red tea  has a distinct flavor and normally comes from the rooibos bush it has the highest level of antioxidants and contain no caffeine. Frequently an assortment of herbs are added to help promote  Blood health especially  in cancer patients 

Mountain Man Herbs

Black Tea

Herbal Tea

Red Tea

Water is most consumed beverage in the World, Tea is the Second 

Mountain Man Herbs was founded by Dan Sheridan in 2011 as an All Organic Herbal Tea Business . The information on this website is for informational reference use only. I am not a doctor, I am Not a licensed medical professional. The information provide on this site comes from an assortment of resources both books personal experience and medical websites. 

It seems with the massive movement for Organic healthier eating that there would be a push for organic healthier medicine. However the Food And Drug Administration that Herbs are considered food or food additives and not medicine,  I have provided the Reported herbal and medicinal uses the compounds, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 


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